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Search in Google Analytics

The search box at the top of Analytics lets you:

  • Search for reports

  • Ask questions about your data

  • Search help content

If you simply click in the search box, you see:

  • Reports you have opened recently

  • Suggested questions about your data

  • Previous searches you made

If you start typing, you see matching results.

Search for reports

Start typing the name of a report or a keyword related to a report. For example, if you start typing "conversions", you'll see reports related to conversions:

Click the relevant search result to open that report.

Your search has to match a report category or title.

Ask questions about your data

You can ask Analytics Intelligence questions about your data. For example:

  • How many new users did we get last week on mobile?

  • Trend of new users this month?

  • Trend of new users this year vs. last year?

When you've completed your question, press Enter to open the Intelligence panel on the right:

Watch a short video about asking questions in Analytics.

Best Practices: Asking questions in Google Analytics

Learn more about Analytics Intelligence.

Search help content

If you need help with Analytics, enter a description of your subject, like "remarketing" or "conversion tracking".

Click your help query to open a page of related search results. Click a search result to display that content.

When you want to search help content, it helps to begin search queries with words like add, configure, create, creation, delete, edit, how can, how to, modification, modify, remove, update, upgrade, set up, setup.

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