Guided tours

About guided tours

Guided tours introduce you to new features and walk you through new procedures in the Analytics interface. These guided tours use the Analytics demo account, so you can take the tours without needing an existing account of your own.

  • Each step prompts you to click either an element in the Analytics interface or a Next button to continue.

  • If you click anywhere else on the screen, the tour may be interrupted.

  • You can drag steps out of the way when needed.

  • To start the tour again, return here and click the link.

Take a tour

Explore Analytics using any of the following guided tours. Each link takes you to the Analytics demo account for the Google Merchandise Store and walks you through the task or topic.

Navigate Google Analytics

Find Goals Reports

Select date ranges

Apply Segments to Reports

Find Real-Time Reports

Apply Table Filters to Reports

Save, Export, Share, Edit

Select Primary and Secondary Dimensions

Create Custom Reports

Analyze audience performance

Analyze users' likelihood to convert

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